Publicly listed product available for EU residents

Leverage Shares have created a publicly listed product that is indexed to our US fund, available for EU residents

Join the waitlist, Halal Investing is going global!

After helping thousands of clients in the US, we decided to launch internationally due to popular demand. Become a part of Team Wahed with Pogba and Khabib today.

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Wahed entities

Refer to this link for the US entity, and this link for the UK entity

About Wahed Inc.
Founded in 2015, Wahed Inc. is a financial technology company that aims to advance financial inclusion through accessible, affordable, and values-based investing. The company has made significant in-roads in the world of ethical and halal investing by creating an easy-to-use digital platform that provides portfolio options to clients that align with their risk appetite. Wahed’s services have already attracted over 300,000 customers in the US, UK, UAE, Malaysia, and beyond through its website or mobile app. For more information, visit: