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This investment calculator is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. The results generated by this calculator consider the time horizon you input to provide an annual return on investment based on the 10-year annualised performance of our Very Conservative, Moderate and Very Aggressive Portfolios for the period April 2014 - April 2024. Actual portfolio performance may be better or worse than our predictions. In short, this means no outcome is guaranteed and we can't guarantee you won't lose money (including the money you start with). This calculator assumes and attributes the very conservative portfolio for a time horizon of 0-3 years, the moderate portfolio for a time horizon of 3-9 years, and the very aggressive portfolio for a time horizon of 9+ years.

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Deeply rooted in Shariah

Shariah is the heartbeat of our work. To ensure we are always on track, an independant body of scholars approve everything we do.

Shariah Supervisory Board

Our Shariah Committee are made up of senior scholars in Islamic finance. They set the rulings for our activities and ensure that we are always acting in line with the Shariah.

Zakat Made

We provide curated Zakat reports based on the specific portfolios you hold with us to help make Zakat calculation a breeze.

Purifying your

Shariah-compliant investing can be subject to complex and lengthy purification calculations. We make this easy and provide you simple annual reporting.