Muslim Money Experts

Why does the stock market go up and down? An introduction to Bull and Bear Markets

Muslim Money Experts, Wahed deep dive into why the stock markets go up and down, introduce the idea of bull and bear markets and help you understand the best investment strategies through market highs and lows.

Why You Should Invest In Startups and Why This Matters For Muslims

Wahed explores the exciting world of startups and makes the case for why Muslims shouldn't neglect this asset class!

Savings vs Investing: What's Right For You?

Wahed explore the concept of saving vs investing and why inflation means investing could be a long-term solution for you.

How Inflation Is Destroying Your Savings

Wahed demystifies inflation and how it erodes the value of your savings over time and present an alternative way to preserve and grow your wealth.

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"I am so glad to see that Islamic financial literacy is becoming more taught. It is an important aspect of our religion and one that we must commit to understanding"

- Mufti Menk

"Finance is a very complicated world. Wahed is helping to educate Muslims about their wealth in a really easy way and I am proud to be supporting them"

- Khabib Nurmagomedov