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Monthly Market Review - March 2024

In March 2024, global markets continued their upward trend, with the MSCI World Islamic Index rising by 2.67%, building on the strong performance seen in February.

Are Islamic banks really riba-free?

Banks are a modern day necessity. But as a Muslim, our commitment to God's prohibition on riba takes precedent. Are Islamic banks then truly riba free?

What is enough for a pension?

Key considerations to ensure a comfortable retirement, including what is “enough”, state pension, and expectations around relying on family support.

Monthly Market Review - February 2024

Global markets continued their February 2024 surge following January after a lull.

Monthly Market Review - January 2024

Delve into why global markets took a pause after a strong finish in 2023, the implications of Fed policies, and further economic insights. Read more for insights.

Making sure workplace pensions are halal

The monthly deductions from your payslip being put towards your pensions, are they halal and shariah-compliant? We explore how to check and what to do.

Understanding pension types as a Muslim

As a Muslim, navigating pensions can be tricky, with multiple types of pensions available. But the big question is, are they halal and shariah-compliant?

3 Sebab Kenapa Muslim Patut Melabur Semasa Belajar

Sebagai pelajar, kita sering melabur banyak masa dan usaha dalam pendidikan untuk mencapai kerjaya impian kita.

Why does the stock market go up and down? An introduction to Bull and Bear Markets

Muslim Money Experts, Wahed deep dive into why the stock markets go up and down, introduce the idea of bull and bear markets and help you understand the best investment strategies through market highs and lows.

Why You Should Invest In Startups and Why This Matters For Muslims

Wahed explores the exciting world of startups and makes the case for why Muslims shouldn't neglect this asset class!

Goyang kaki lagi senang: Pelaburan Pasif vs Aktif

Wajarkah untuk anda cuba mengatasi pasaran? Atau adakah cara yang lebih mudah untuk menjana wang semasa melabur?...

Monthly Market Review - November 2023

Global markets rebounded in November, with changes in the expectations of policy rate providing impetus for the rally. Read on for more market analysis for November by Wahed!

Savings vs Investing: What's Right For You?

Wahed explore the concept of saving vs investing and why inflation means investing could be a long-term solution for you.

How Inflation Is Destroying Your Savings

Wahed demystifies inflation and how it erodes the value of your savings over time and present an alternative way to preserve and grow your wealth.

Why Passive Investing May Be Better Than Active Investing

Should you try to beat the market? Or is there an easier and better way to make money via passive investing?

Intro ke Pelaburan Pasif: Bina Kekayaan Dengan Konsisten

Penat bekerja berjam-jam demi mendapatkan wang Ringgit? Adakah anda ingin menjana wang semasa anda tidur? Terdapat pelbagai cara bagaimana wang anda boleh bekerja untuk anda dan bukannya anda yang bekerja untuk wang...

An Introduction to Passive Investing: Building Wealth the Steady Way

Tired of exchanging hours for dollars? Do you want to earn money whilst you sleep? There's a way your money can work for you instead of you just working for money...

🏠 100% Mortgages - A Trojan Horse for Predatory Lending

Skipton Building Society, a leading lender in the UK has recently announced plans to launch a 100% mortgage product aimed at first-time buyers, who struggle to save for a deposit. In a cost-of-living crisis, you can be forgiven for viewing this as a generous and appealing offer at first glance.

What is Venture Investing and Is It Halal?

Would you like to invest in startups before they hit the stock market? Enter Venture Investing, where you can invest in high-risk high-growth early-stage startups!

How To Invest In Startups In Line With The Shariah

There’s more to investing than just the stock market. There are high-growth high-risk startups that are trying to be the next Amazon, Google or Microsoft. Here's how to invest in startups in line with the shariah.

Why is Hajj So Expensive and What Can You Do About It?

The cost of Hajj is seemingly getting more and more expensive each year. We outline the key reasons why and also the alternative ways to attain the reward of Hajj!

Why Halal Investing Matters

Halal investing has come a long way in such a short space of time. But, there is a much wider discussion that needs to happen first; and that is why halal investing matters in the first place. To truly embrace and excel at something, we must first grasp the underlying reasons and motivations behind it. The why is our ‘’North Star’.

The 5 Ways Zakat Can Cure A Broken Economy

Politicians, business leaders and economists all over the world have their own ideas on how to fix the economy but Muslim Money Experts argues, that Zakat, a divinely obligated wealth tax, must be the cornerstone to any economic remediation.

Paul Pogba | How He Found Islam | Learning How To Invest | On Cristiano Ronaldo | Ep.3

We're back with another really great episode of The Muslim Money Experts Podcast! This episode features a very special guest, Paul Pogba.

What is Money and how should Muslims view It?

Given how much time we spend thinking about money, Muslim Money Experts examine what money really is, and what our attitude as Muslims should be towards it.

Mutah Beale | Former Outlawz Rapper to Successful Muslim Entrepreneur in Saudi | Ep.4

In our latest episode of the Muslim Money Experts podcast, Mutah Beale joins us to talk about his journey from leaving stardom as a record-selling rapper and becoming a Muslim in Saudi.

The Rise of Crowdfunding and its Different Types

Crowdfunding has entered the mainstream to disrupt and democratize how entrepreneurs, artists, nonprofits and others access capital. Read on to find out what crowdfunding is all about, and a breakdown of its main models.

Islam Makhachev | Pre-fight Preparations | Khabib being his Hardest Opponent | The Importance of Halal Money | Ep.2

We're back again with a special release episode of The Muslim Money Experts Podcast talking to Islam Makhachev.

The double edged sword of AI

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has risen to prominence in the early parts of 2023, making headwinds across various industries. The investment sector was no different as it saw artificial intelligence making waves both positively and negatively.

Sheikh Sulaiman Moola | How to have a relationship with our Parents | Exiting the curse of Allah | Ep.7

Sheikh Sulaiman Moola shares insights about the Shariah on a deeper level, the intense hardship many of our parents had to face, and the dangers of dealing with interest, and the enormous damage it imposes on one’s faith and lifestyle.

Mufti Menk: Early Childhood | Dealing with Social Media | 'Normalising' Riba | Ep.5

Mufti Menk addresses his early childhood in Zimbabwe and the challenges that came along with hyperinflation and apartheid in the country. He also shares his thoughts on what we can do to have a better relationship with money, including charity, setting up Waqf and Wills and gold-based banking.

The 5 Different Legacies you can Build with Waqf

Waqfs have been around for centuries and have taken on different forms to play a vital role in supporting various charitable causes and community development. This article will showcase 5 different ways a Waqf can be used to benefit society.

The 10 Golden Rules You Need to know about Halal Investing

We outline ten golden rules for halal investing, providing a guideline for how you can align your financial goals with your faith.

Khabib Nurmagomedov | Life Post-Retirement | Views on Money | Fighting Riba | Ep.1

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Muslim Money Experts podcast! Our first episode features a very special guest and brand ambassador, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Reviving Waqf: A Timeless Legacy for Muslims

At Muslim Money Experts, we believe that Muslims should revive the use of Awqaf (plural of Waqf) to set an example for the world on how to maximise our charity to build a better world for future generations.

Modanisa Founder Kerim Ture | How I Built The Biggest Modest Fashion Retailer in a $200bn Sector | Ep.6

We speak with Kerim Ture about the journey of launching Modanisa, a phenomenal online retailer leading the $200bn modest fashion market, the vision he initially had in mind, the obstacles he had to face, and the eye-opening advice he gives to younger Muslim founders in business.

How Harvard University and The Saudi Clock Tower Are Related

As we admire grand universities like Harvard or the architecture of the Makkah Royal Clock Tower, it is enlightening to know the common civilizational roots that made them possible.

3 Reasons Why You Should Establish a Waqf

One underutilized way to donate is via establishing a Waqf. A Waqf is an Islamic endowment wherein an asset or cash is donated, with the income generated used to sustainably fund charitable causes.

3 Reasons Why Muslim Students Should Start Investing

Students invest a huge amount of time and effort into their education to achieve their dream careers. Yet, whilst focusing on your studies and career path is essential, dedicating time to learning about how to utilise and manage money effectively can multiply how much wealth you generate over your lifetime.