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Invest your money in a globally diversified, riba-free portfolio offered by the UAE’s first fully Islamic investment platform.

UAE Launch Offer

To help you take the first steps towards a financially secure future free from Riba we are offering a bonus of up to $20 when you make a deposit.

The Terms

Invest $1500+

Receive $10

Invest $3000+

Receive $20

Redeem OfferTerms & Conditions apply*

Maximize returns with diverse, low-fee options

Invest in asset classes typically reserved for the ultra high net worth individual and watch your money grow, all without the usual fees.

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Access Funds Anytime When Life Calls

You can access your funds at any time without worrying about missing out on profits because we understand that life happens.

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Strictly Shar’iah: Pioneering Riba-Free Finance

Our Shar’iah Supervisory Board rigorously screens investments to ensure halal returns, fuelling our mission to eradicate Riba and champion a Riba-free financial future.

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Trusted by over 300,000 in the fight against Riba

At Wahed, our mission is to provide our clients with Riba-free financial alternatives that allow them to reach financial freedom without compromising their values.

Our goal is to democratize Shar’iah compliant investment options that are accessible to the community regardless of financial background or investment experience. Join us as we create a more equitable and just financial system that benefits everyone.


Globally Diversified

Select the one that is most 
aligned with your goals.



Performance of our most aggressive portfolio as of December 31 1,2


per year

Management fee on accountsup to 250k

Invest and we’ll handle the rest

Wahed’s cutting-edge technology streamlines your investment journey, providing Shar'iah-compliant portfolios that automatically handle dividends, reinvestments, and rebalancing—ensuring effortless wealth growth while remaining riba-free.1 , 3

How it works

It's as simple as opening an account, selecting your risk tolerance and investing your funds - we'll handle the rest. No paperwork, No meetings, No Stress.

Step 1

Select your risk tolerance

Step 2

Set your investment goal

Step 3

Fund your account

Step 4

We’ll take care of the rest!3

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