Keep it Halal and tax-free

Save up to £20,000 a tax year with an ISA

What is an ISA?

An Individual Savings Account that is tax-free

It's a way of saving for you and your family, with tax benefits. You can put away up to £20,000 a tax year and the government won't charge you any tax on income or gains.

We offer a Halal stocks & shares ISA, this allows you to invest in a wide range of shares, funds, investment trusts and bonds which are Shariah-compliant.

Why choose Wahed's ISA?

Invest in a wide range of stocks & shares
Ability to transfer your ISA
Strictly Shariah-compliant stocks & shares
Pay no tax on potential profit
Seamless KYC

Physical Gold Porfolio

Whether you have a Wahed stocks & shares ISA or GIA, include physical gold in your portfolio!

We’ve introduced a 7th risk portfolio on our dashboards in the UK! Invest in physical gold that is stored and guarded at the Royal Mint today.

Why choose our Physical Gold Portfolio?

It’s a hedge against inflation & market volatility

A liquid asset with no lock-in period

Withdraw funds anytime with a few clicks

Backed by gold with no custody fee

Essential asset in a diversified portfolio

Stored and guarded at the Royal Mint